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While Terlingua is certainly not known for its shopping, there is a lot of cool stuff to buy! 

Venga, the newest store in town, sells everything from camping equipment, art, clothing and more, with inventory expanding throughout the year. Located right in front of the ghost town on 170 and Kempf Road. There is also a cafe inside serving breakfast and lunch. 









For your essentials and groceries The Cottonwood General Store has pretty much everything you'll need. Located in Study Butte off 118 just outside of the National Park, they are open every day 7am-9pm. 

The only liquor store, Shot Time Liquors, has a great selection of wine, beer and spirits. Located off 170 next to Far Flung Outfitters. 

The Terlingua Trading Company next to the Starlight Cafe (aka the porch) sells souvenirs, beer and cigarettes. 

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