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Terlingua Fire & EMS 
Out here, fires can spread quickly, and there are a lot of unpaved roads that a regular ambulance would have trouble traversing and any number of situations that could arise that your typical big city fire department or EMS never handle. In the unlikely event that you should need their help, know that you are in the good hands of some highly and specially trained individuals. DIAL 911.


Fuel Stations
Alon Gas Station at Big Bend Motor Inn - Study Butte
Lajitas General Store - Lajitas
Panther Junction Service Station - Big Bend National Park
Rio Grande Village Service Station - Big Bend National Park

Terlingua Post Office
You may not live here, but you might want to mail a postcard home. Our post office is located on TX 118, just north of the turnoff for TX 170. If you are here for an extended stay and need something shipped to you, the post office also accepts packages for General Delivery. For more information, inquire directly at the desk.

Quicksilver Branch – West Texas National Bank (432) 371-2211
This is the only bank in town and it has one of only two ATMs in Study Butte. The drive-through ATM is accessible 24 hours a day. Lobby hours are Mon–Fri 8:30AM–11:00AM and reopens from 2:00PM–4:30PM. Talk about banker’s hours!

Terlingua Auto - (432) 371-2223
One of only a couple places in town to get your car fixed. Call for info. Hours vary. Located off 170 in Study Butte just past the 118 intersection. 

Ginchy Gas House - (432) 371-3830

The other place to get your car fixed. Call for service. 

Diego's Tire Repair - ​(432) 371-3014

The only place to get tires in the Big Bend area. 

Wright Hardware Co. - (432) 371-3113

The only hardware store in the Big Bend area. Located in Study Butte on the edge of town off 118. Open 7 days a week. 

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