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Eat and Drink

There are probably more places to eat in the Terlingua area than you think. For breakfast and lunch you won't find better or healthier food than the new Venga Cafe in the ghost town. For breakfast try the Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast, Breakfast Burrito or Croissant Sandwich. For lunch you can't go wrong with the Fajita plate, Muffuletta or Reuben sandwich. With reliably fast WiFi and killer air conditioning, this is a great place to get some work done while you're traveling (if you're unlucky enough to have to work on vacation). Venga doubles as an outdoor and apparel store. Carrying locally printed t-shirts, camping gear, hats, sunglasses, etc. They've got you covered. Open everyday 7am-5pm. Can't beat that. 





For dinner there is of course the iconic Starlight Cafe in the ghost town. Located inside the old Starlight Theatre, they serve traditional fare like burgers, tacos, steaks, salads and more. They do not serve lunch but do have brunch seasonally. Opens at 5pm nightly. Closed very occasionally for special events. Live music nightly. 

La Kiva Bar and Grill has triumphantly reopened! Serving grill favorite like burgers, salads and chili. Try the chili and cheese chicharonnes for something completely unique. Located next to Terlingua Creek on 118. Full bar and live music. Open daily from 4pm-midnight, except for Tuesdays. 

The newest (and sweetest) addition to Terlingua is the Milky Way Treats food trailer in the ghosttown, currently parked outside the Boathouse. Featuring soft serve, ice cream sundaes and other delicious treats. Hours vary so check her instagram page. Current summer hours are Friday-Sunday 4pm-9pm. 

The Chili Pepper Cafe is probably the most reliable restaurant in the area in that they are usually open. Serving Mexican food (and some American favorites) 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner (8am-9pm). Located in Study Butte next to the bank. 

DBs Rustic Iron BBQ, in new brick and mortar digs as of 2022, serves up Texas BBQ and beer 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays). Located on Terlingua Ghost Town road (the lesser known of the 2 streets in the ghost town) and is open for lunch and dinner most days and late nights Friday and Saturday. Check his instagram page for updates. Live music occasionally. 

Long Draw Pizza is located a few miles west of Terlingua and serves the only pizza in the area. Open 6 days a week for dinner, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. They are also one of the few places you'll see a television, showing whatever sporting event is happening at the time. A newly completed outdoor deck has transformed this spot into quite the local favorite. Serving wine and beer as well. 


Some others include High Sierra Bar and Grill open 7 days a week 12pm-2am (full bar as well) located at the El Dorado Hotel in the ghost town. The Little Dipper food truck in Study Butte at the Paisano Village Rv park is open 7 days a week from 7am-2pm. The Rio Bravo food truck across from the Cottonwood grocery serves great Mexican food Monday through Saturday 11am-8pm. The Big Bend Motor Inn serves breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. Located inside the gas station. There are 2 restaurants inside the Lajitas Golf Resort that cater primarily to hotel guests but they are open to anyone. The Bad Rabbit Cafe (Terlingua Ranch Lodge) and Tivos restaurant (Longhorn Ranch RV park) are the only options if you're out near Terlingua Ranch. The Boathouse bar has recently reopened in the ghosttown right across from the cemetery, will a full bar and live music. Hours vary. 

And if there is a woman selling tamales at the gas station, buy them.


Keep in mind, hours tend to vary at most restaurants in Terlingua. 

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