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Just Ahead. Android & iPhone.

"The travel app to turn your smartphone into a GPS audio tour guide for your road trip"

The first time I realized how cool this app was one evening driving towards The Ghost town forgetting that I had been testing the app earlier.

About 100 yards from the turn my music faded and a pleasant voice said something like "Approaching Terlingua Ghost Town on the right." It was so seamlessly done that I felt no intrusion, just surprise at having this guide on board.

Just Ahead is a GPS aware, audio guide app that covers all the national parks. To get all the guides it costs $19.99, but you get one guide free to see if you like the app. If you travel a lot I think it is a good investment as you can easily spend $20 for just one park guidebook. It just so happens that the one free guide Just Ahead supplies is for the Big Bend area.

Once you have installed the app you just download the Big Bend file, best done where you have Wi-Fi as you probably won't be able to download it in Big Bend itself.


The app allows you to set up a planned route or head to specific places or just meander about giving you information on the fly.

The app will feed audio snippets that either give you directions or point out places of interest. You can stop and listen to more details or listen to some content before you even get in your car.

If you listen to the guide preview in the comfort of your home or lodging you are given a brief introduction to Brewster County and specifically the Big Bend area. Then you hear about Logistics - how to get to the prak, what roads to take


Free TrialIn-App Purchases Free - $19.99

Badlands Grand Teton Long Beach, CA

Grand Canyon
Sequoia and Kings Canyon Bryce Canyon

Capitol Reef
Joshua Tree
Death Valley
LA to Vegas
Hoover Dam
Black Hills
Mt. Rushmore
Great Smoky Mountains Petrified Forest
Rocky Mountain Badlands
Grand Teton
Long Beach, CA
Big Bend
Grand Canyon


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Key Features

Great Content — Written by award-winning travel writers from National Geographic, Outside Magazine, AAA and others

Works Anywhere — Without phone service or WiFi!
Hands-Free — Stories play automatically to let you drive safely and see more sites Inexpensive — Costs less than most guidebooks
Encourages Exploration — Entertains while educating
Free Updates
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Simple and Easy to Use

Download on the App Store Download for Android Free Trial

How It Works Get the Full Story

Just Ahead audio guides are written by expert authors and narrated by professionals. You simply drive, while Just Ahead informs and entertains you.

Works offline

Many of the most beautiful places in the world don’t have mobile phone service. Just Ahead is designed to work wherever you are, even without WiFi or a cell signal. Just be sure to download your guide before you go on your trip.

Built-in maps

Don’t you hate it when you try to use the maps on your smartphone and they don’t work because there’s no mobile phone service? No worries. Each Just Ahead guide comes bundled with an offline version of the maps you need, even without Internet access.


Great stories

Just Ahead guides are written by expert authors and filled with fascinating stories of history, geology, and wildlife. You can’t read and drive. It’s crazy, illegal, and will probably make you sick. Let us guide and inform you as you drive.

Suggested directions

Just Ahead can also help you avoid getting lost by suggesting directions. Just Ahead tells you why you should turn or not, what you should do after a turn, and recommends the best direction to take if there are multiple route options. It’s like having a professional tour guide in the car with you.

Trip-planning resources

Every time we go on a trip, we stress out about when to go, where to stay, what to see, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone with you who had been on that exact trip
countless times? Sharing tips and tricks before you even leave your house? Just Ahead does exactly that.

We get you there and back

Just Ahead tells you everything you need to know about your destination. But we also know that there are a lot of miles between home and the park, or between this park and the next. That’s why we cover all the common routes to and from your destination. No matter which route you choose, we’re with you, telling you stories along the way.

Where next?

We at Just Ahead are working to build the most comprehensive series of audio guides for the whole world. Wherever you’re traveling, we want to be there.

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Press and Awards Featured In

What People Are Saying

“I really like how we didn't need a signal since we were out of range, and also how it knew where we were and gave us info for the things right in our view!”


— Laurie G.

“Holy cow! Just got back from my Death Valley trip and I can't believe how great the app was along the journey. Not only did it guide us to hikes and places we might have (easily) overlooked, but gave us perspective of the park that allowed us to appreciate it on a whole new level (history, points of interest, flora/fauna, etc.).”

— Jesse Forest

★★★★★ “...great on-demand tour information about the park and really opened up the experience....”

— iTunes Reviewer

★★★★★ “This is one of the best apps I've ever used. Exploring Joshua Tree Park with this app was excellent. It even distinguished between the direction of driving and told different information for each direction.”

— iTunes Reviewer
“I never knew the desert was so alive!”


Info video

Written by National Geographic and Outside Magazine Author Bob Howells

Covers More Than 300 Miles of Big Bend Roads, 200+ Stories

A journey into the landscape and history of West Texas and Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

Wonders in the Wilds of West Texas

The Big Bend Region—Brewster County, Texas—is a place where wide open rangeland and Chihuahuan Desert meet the majestic geology of Big Bend National Park. It’s an area of uncommon beauty, spacious skies, and welcoming communities. And it’s laced by excellent rural roads that transport visitors deep into an enchanting landscape. All you need to do is turn on the app and drive. As you approach the landmarks and scenic wonders, Just Ahead tells you exactly what you’re seeing.

Just Ahead guides you to the Big Bend Region’s friendly towns, which offer historic sites and all the services you need:

Marathon • Terlingua • Study Butte • Lajitas • Alpine

We guide you all through the 800,000-acre park—to its jaw-dropping vistas, geological wonders, and superb hiking trails:

Chisos Basin • Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive • Santa Elena Canyon • Castolon Historic District • Boquillas Canyon • Rio Grande Village • Boquillas Crossing • Balanced Rock • Lost Mine Trail • Hot Springs Historic District • Sam Nail Ranch • Mule Ears • Tuff Canyon • Dagger Flat • Fossil Bone Exhibit • Double Mills • Dugout Wells

The Big Bend Region is rich with echoes of the past. With Just Ahead, you’ll learn about:

Early Human History • Spanish Entradas • Echols Camel Expedition • How the Railroad Changed Everything • The Apache and Comanche • Mercury Mining • Founding of Big Bend National Park • Wax Production • Life on the Border

As you drive, we keep you entertained and informed with stories about the landforms you’re seeing, and give you background about the region:

Geology • Wildlife: Coyotes, Peccaries, Bear, Mountain Lions, Snakes • Big Bend’s Amazing Bird Life (450 Species!) • Dark Skies and Starry Nights • Prehistory and Fossil Finds • Volcanic Activity

We point out the best places to hike, camp, and explore—and direct you to outfitters who can take you:

ATV and Jeep Touring • Floating the Rio Grande • Mountain Biking • Birding • Horseback Touring • Hiking 

You’ll experience the Big Bend Region in a way you never could on your own—and there’s no need to take your eyes off the scenery to thumb through maps and guidebooks.

It’s like having a friendly tour guide along for the ride!

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Many times, talking to a local is the best way to get either the most accurate information or a bunch of directions that you think you understand but then try to navigate and realize you have no idea how to interpret.


Terlingua is full of friendly people, and they love telling you their favorite spots and stories of the history of this place and their time in it. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if you find yourself lost or confused. Most will be glad to oblige.

 Casa Patron

Possibly the most luxurious lodging in Terlingua.

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We love Texas' National Beer, but you can get great craft beer down here too.

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