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Big Bend Ranch State Park


Desert vegetation dominates the BB Ranch State Park including lechuguilla and grama. Other common plants include sotolocotillo and mesquite. Along the Rio Grande and around some of the springs in the park are reedswillows, and cottonwood and ash trees. The park contains most of the existing populations of the federally threatened Hinckley oak.

Common animals in the park include gray foxdesert cottontail, two species of ravenmule deercoyote, seven species of owlkangaroo rat, six species of woodpeckergreater roadrunner, two species of vulturejackrabbitcollared peccary and many species of lizard. Rarer animals include the cougargolden eaglebobcatperegrine falconzone-tailed hawk and western mastiff bat. As of 2011, park management is attempting to re-establish a self-sustaining population of desert bighorn sheep.

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